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Online learning has become immensely popular in the 21st century, resulting in the creation of universities that exist solely online. A number of traditional schools also offer an online option now for students who wish to pursue a degree but cannot attend courses in a traditional classroom setting.

Courses that are offered at a Global Virtual Academy for Peace and Education (Formerly known as Indian Virtual University For Peace & Education - IVUP) are either mentored or led by an instructor. A student attending our courses interacts with professionals and peers through online forums, chat rooms and web-based course delivery systems.

Our vision is to provide easy access to education for people who cannot go to a regular college for various economic or social reasons. Our programs are designed to meet the industry standards and the social expectations of an individual. Our programs are tailor-made based on the skillset of our students and focuses on uplifting their talents and abilities to support themselves.

You may be seeking a job, a single parent, a high school student who wants to take a course for college credit, a person who is mobility-impaired, a retired person or an individual who wants to take your career further or in a new direction. If you have limited time to travel to a campus, some knowledge of how to use a computer and the desire to continue learning, then GVAPE may be an ideal way for you to pursue your educational goals.

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Over 300 affiliated centers across India. We're still growing, and making a positive impact!

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Over 8000 happy customers over a decade of service

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Choose from an ocean of over 1000 Tailor made, cutomized Graduation and Post Graduation courses that fit your skill set.

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All our courses are certified, accredited, and industry recognized qualification. Recognized by all private companies and organisations.

Our Concept

We pioneered the concept of making education available to anyone, anywhere and anytime as we considered it our responsibility to uplift the society by uplifting the people. The term ‘Virtual Academy’ was incorporated to make it easy and flexible for anyone to study from any part of the globe. With the development in our technology it is very easy to now access the courses online and write the examinations online without any difficulties unlike the past.
We use different formats of the technology to deliver our virtual classes, course modules, interactive tutorials, assignments, assessments and examination making it feasible for everyone one to access, learn and be empowered.

Course Options

Choose from over 1000 tailor made,
skill-based courses.


Our Assessments are based on
skill-based Assignments,
On Job training and Research.


Learn anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

Mentor Assistance

On request mentor assistance.

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Pay in instalments.

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Global Recognition of Certification

A Unit of the Council for Life Ling Learning; ISO 9001:2015 Certified Q-BV-1912-2124

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Here's what our customers have to say!

" The concept of attaining a degree while working simultaneously is a great format of education. IVUP / GVAPE has exceeded my expectation of a virtual academy and I am very happy to have been a part of it. "

" Career building is the only thing for life.
Any place which promotes it is the best place.
And IVUP/GVAPE is top on the list "

" Virtual Mode of Education is a great concept of learning.
The recognitions and accreditations associated with IVUP/GVAPE makes it more authentic and reliable.
The Staff & faculty here are another reason why I recommend them. "

" I believe that any form of empowerment must be welcomed and appreciated.
The Graduation program at IVUP/GVAPE empowered me to stand firm in the society and uplifted my career to another level. "